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Explore Various Uses of Asleep Track in Your Smart IoT service

  • You can powerfully position your smart home products as a bedroom-specific smart product that stands out with distinctive sleep analysis and improvement features, differentiating from other smart devices.
  • You can enhance users' sleep experiences through various sleep improvement functionalities, solidifying your product as an essential tool every night and morning.
  • You can go beyond mere time-based automation; you can position your product as an AI-driven solution that dynamically aligns with users' real-time sleep patterns.
  • Leveraging the exceptional accuracy of Asleep's Sleep AI, you can automatically activate sleep improvement functions at the most optimal moments.

Highlighting functionalities enabled through Asleep Track!

Beyond the example materials, the possibilities of combining Asleep's sleep analysis function with your service are endless.

1. Smart home environment

1-1. From a smart home to an AI home

Integrate real-time sleep analysis functionality into existing smart home devices to transform them into highly personalized devices

Asleep Track's real-time sleep analysis can upgrade existing smart devices into AI-powered, highly personalized devices that adjust automatically based on the user's sleep state and preferences.

1-2. Automation that moves according to my sleep

Users can set their own sleep cycle and manage their sleep through various automations

Users can create their own sleep cycle based on factors such as sleep stages, devices, days of the week, and more, to build an optimal sleep environment.

1-3. Smart light that automatically adjusts based on my sleep

By utilizing real-time sleep analysis, you can implement automation such as automatically turning off lights when the user falls asleep or having wake-up lights that adjust according to sleep state for a refreshing wake-up experience.

1-4. Smart alarm that wakes you up from light sleep

Enhance users' waking experience with a smart alarm

Users can easily facilitate their wake-up experience by synchronizing connected devices such as lighting, sound, and temperature when they are in light sleep.

1-5. Daily Morning Sleep Report

With an accurate sleep report, you can easily assess the effectiveness of sleep automation for improvement

More accurate sleep analysis results than a watch allow you to easily understand the impact of automation on your sleep, how your sleep is changing, and how your smart home is operating.

2. Use Case - with LG Electronics

2-1. Sleep Measurement & Reporting

Smart Air Conditioning Mode Mode for personalized and optimal sleep environment

With real-time sleep analysis, you can automatically adjust the AC temperature based on the user's sleep patterns. In the morning, users can review their sleep patterns and how the AC responded through the sleep analysis report.

3.Make Sleep Tracking Even Easier with Widgets!

With widgets, you can start sleep tracking with just one touch without the need to open the app.

By utilizing widgets, you can easily start tracking your sleep, providing a more convenient service experience.
Small-sized widgets provide only the start of sleep tracking functions to allow users to conveniently record their sleep,
while large-sized widgets also provide sleep reports together, making it easy to check the latest sleep results.


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