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Explore Various Uses of Asleep Track in Your Health / Fitness Service

  • You can provide various fitness insights related to sleep, such as exercise and diet, etc.
  • By utilizing sleep indicators, you can provide more customized fitness services to your customers by providing customized services to your customers and increase their satisfaction with the service.
  • Utilizing sleep data, you can expand the scope of fitness services by calculating calories burned during the night and seamlessly managing your 24-hour activity.

Highlighting functionalities enabled through Asleep Track!

Beyond the example materials, the possibilities of combining Asleep's sleep analysis function with your service are endless.

Ex 1. Systematic exercise management with sleep data.

Add sleep metrics to your existing data for a more diversified fitness management service.

By intuitively illustrating the correlation between sleep and exercise efficiency,
we can provide users with new insights. Users can improve sleep habits for
better workout results and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Ex 2. Personalized Exercise Coaching
Based on Sleep Data

We can offer users the optimal fitness plan by leveraging sleep data.

Using the results of the sleep report, we can predict the user's condition and suggest an optimal exercise plan.
We recommend avoiding strenuous exercise on days when the user's condition is poor and increasing exercise goals on days when the user's condition is good, providing a more customized and efficient fitness plan for the user.

Ex 3. Monitoring calories 24 hours, even while you sleep.

Through sleep tracking, we can display the calories burned during sleep.

Even with sufficient sleep, calories are burned. Calculate the calories expended during the night based on sleep tracking. Recognize the impact of sleep on your diet and foster more consistent and healthy lifestyle habits

Ex 4. Make Sleep Tracking Even Easier with Widgets!

With widgets, you can start sleep tracking with just one touch without the need to open the app.

By utilizing widgets, you can easily start tracking your sleep, providing a more convenient service experience.
Small-sized widgets provide only the start of sleep tracking functions to allow users to conveniently record their sleep,
while large-sized widgets also provide sleep reports together, making it easy to check the latest sleep results.


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