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Explore Various Uses of Asleep Track in Your Health Care / Wellness Service

  • You can provide a variety of lifestyle insights related to sleep, 
such as blood glucose levels, exercise, weight, mood, eating habits, etc.

  • Due to the recurring of sleep daily, customer sleep data is updated every night, 
enabling you to explosively enhance service retention and engagement. 

  • By seamlessly managing customers' daily lives around the clock and recommending tailored lifestyle 
products in a more sophisticated manner than before, you can elevate customer satisfaction with the service.

Highlighting functionalities enabled through Asleep Track!

Beyond the example materials, the possibilities of combining Asleep Track's sleep analysis function with your service are endless.

Ex 1. 24-hour Health management with Asleep Track

Enhance the scope of health management by adding the Sleep Tracking & Report feature.

Elevate users’ health experience by integrating sleep reports into your app, connecting sleep quality with steps, hydration, and weight for a comprehensive wellness approach.

Ex 2. Health Goals, Now Including Sleep

Set and manage balanced health goals with sleep in mind.

By incorporating Asleep Track , users can set health goals that include sleep and manage their progress toward these goals. Additionally, users can review detailed sleep analysis results based on comprehensive sleep reports.

Ex 3. 24-hour Health Management with Asleep!

You can recommend a nutrition combination tailored precisely to the user's 24-hour schedule.

Sleep is an essential component of daily nutrition management. By integrating Asleep Track into your nutrition management service, you can achieve more precise nutrition management by adding sleep to the user's health profile, exercise, dietary habits, and alcohol consumption, among other lifestyle factors. Moreover, you can easily visualize how nutritional combinations impact sleep and observe their effects on overall health.

Ex 4. Make Sleep Tracking Even Easier with Widgets!

With widgets, you can start sleep tracking with just one touch without the need to open the app.

By utilizing widgets, you can easily start tracking your sleep, providing a more convenient service experience.
Small-sized widgets provide only the start of sleep tracking functions to allow users to conveniently record their sleep,
while large-sized widgets also provide sleep reports together, making it easy to check the latest sleep results.


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