Delete All Session Data

Use this method when you want to delete all data of a specific user. This includes all sessions, uploaded audio data, and analysis data. Please note that if the requested session data is successfully deleted from the Asleep server, providing detailed evidence of the deleted sessions for future billing analysis may be difficult.

1. Request

1.1 URL


1.2 Header

x-api-keyStringOAPI Key
x-user-idStringOIssued user id


curl "" -XDELETE \
  -H "x-api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>" \
  -H "x-user-id: <USER_ID>"

2. Response

2.1 204 No Content

  • Deletion successful (No Response Body)

2.2 401 Unauthorized

  • x-user-id header value is missing or in the wrong format
  "detail": "invalid customer uuid"

2.3 404 Not Found

  • User does not exist
  "detail": "user not exist"