These docs are for v1.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

💤 Sleep Tracking with Asleep

Asleep is a sleep analysis API service. The sound data measured by a smart device or smartphone microphone is analyzed by an API server to track the user's sleep stage information in real time. And once the measurement ends, it provides a wide range of sleep metric data about the quality of the user's last night's sleep.

⚙️ Integration Types

With the Asleep SDK, you can easily implement sleep tracking to iOS and Android apps. The SDK allows you to easily collect sound data from your app and communicate with API servers to receive sleep analysis data.

🔨 Regular Type

The standard way to implement Asleep is to take advantage of all the audio recording, preprocessing, API  communication, and analysis result features packaged in the SDK. Customers can receive sleep analysis results from the app without having to develop further sleep recording features, and they can also view sleep analysis results from the client’s backend through callback url registration.

🔧 Light Type

If the client needs to implement feature such as audio recording and API communication directly as a characteristic of the client’s app, it uses only the preprocessing function of the SDK. If you want to introduce Asleep in a Light manner, please contact us directly as you may need support from the Asleep dev team for audio recording or API communication.