Asleep Update (23.10.11)



New 'All Unique User' Count Feature on the Analysis Tab, New 'Peculiarities' Data on the Session Page, Session Page's Breathing Stability Value Updated to API V3

Hello, this is Asleep.

We are pleased to inform you about our latest update, which includes new 'All Unique User' count feature on the Analysis Tab, new 'Peculiarities' data on the Session page, Session page's Breathing Stability Value updated to API V3. For more details, please see below!

✨ New & Updated


1. Introduction of the 'All Unique User' Count Feature on the Analysis Tab!

We're excited to unveil the All Unique User data, which displays the aggregate of users who utilized the sleep tracking feature during your chosen period. The comparative growth or reduction rate from the previous period can also be assessed.

2. 'Peculiarities' Data Now Available on the Session Page

On the Session Detail page's Metadata section, the Peculiarities data has been added, highlighting specific attributes of a session. Easily check the session peculiarities such as never slept, less than 20 minutes, and more.

3. Session Page's Breathing Stability Value Updated to API V3 Version

Breathing Stability values on the session detail page's Sleep Data Table have been updated to align with the API V3 version.

In API V3, Breathing Stability is expressed in the following four stages:

  • STABLE_BREATH (Stable)
  • MILDLY_UNSTABLE_BREATH (Mildly Unstable)
  • MODERATELY_UNSTABLE_BREATH (Moderately Unstable)
  • SEVERELY_UNSTABLE_BREATH (Severely Unstable)

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