🚀Asleep Big Update (23.09.14)



Addition of the Analysis tab in the Dashboard, a full renovation of the Asleep Web, and the launch of the Asleep Feed

Hello, this is Asleep.

We are pleased to inform you about our latest update, which includes various improvements and fixes, such as addition of the Analysis tab in the Dashboard, a full renovation of the Asleep Web, and the launch of the Asleep Feed. For more details, please see below!

✨ New & Updated

🔹Dashboard New Feature - Analysis!

Introducing the New 'Analysis' feature on the Dashboard!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of a comprehensive statistics feature to the Asleep dashboard!

With the debut of our 'Analysis' feature, you can effortlessly overview the sleep data of all users. Experience a visual and intuitive representation of user sleep trends through various data charts. This will empower you to sharpen your business strategies and marketing direction more decisively.

  • View Analysis Tab Docs
  • Please note, this feature was added on September 13, 2023, and only data from this date onwards is accessible.


Dashboard Analysis Tab

🔹Asleep Landing Web

Introducing the Updated Asleep Website!

We've made significant updates to the Asleep website. Navigate through our enhanced platform, now providing clearer and more comprehensive details about Asleep.


Explore the updated Asleep Web

🔹Asleep Feed

All about Sleep, Tech, and Life

Introducing a brand new magazine Asleep feed, where you can find all about sleep and sleep technology at a glance. From common knowledge about sleep to news on research and technological developments for sleep medicine and AI. Discover the latest news in the rapidly growing sleep technology market with Asleep feed!


Visit the Asleep Feed now

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